Paper Rose Wreath

2016-01-27-11.22.10.png.pngOver the years I’ve had a secret obsession with wreaths. Although I’ve never owned one I always knew I want to try making one. Wreaths on the front door always make the house seem so warm and inviting.

I had a small 6″ styrofoam wreath that I had bought a couple of months ago from the Dollar Tree. Since it was too small for the front door I decided to make it for my friend’s daughter who just had a baby girl. I thought it would look great on the baby’s nursery door or even above her crib. It would be something different and unique.

You will need:

  • Styrofoam Wreath 6 inch
  • Card stock or colored printer paper of your choice
  • Pearl Pins
  • Tulle or ribbon
  • scissors
  • glue gun


Start by wrapping your wreath in tulle or matching ribbon. This step enables you to pin the roses without worrying about the green styrofoam showing through any gaps.


Cut your paper into four squares. (Roses made with the card stock are obviously going to be much more sturdy and durable compared to the printer paper) Round off the corners. You don’t have to be be precise about your circle. Mine were more oblong than round.

Now cut your circle into a spiral. Start rolling tightly from the outside end. Keep rolling while keeping the bottom edge aligned. Once you reach the end glue the bottom of the rose to the small inner circle . If you need to make the rose bigger at this point, just let go of the flower slightly and it will spring open.


You will need to make about 65/70 of these roses to fully cover the wreath . Don’t worry! Once you start rolling you’ll be on a roll! 🙂


Using the pearl pin, start sticking the roses to the styrofoam in a circle. I made three rows of circles to fully cover the wreath. Since you’re not gluing the flowers to the wreath you can reuse them later on for another project.



Use a long piece of the tulle to make a loop to hang your wreath. Now stand back and admire all your hard work. I know I did!