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Kate Spade Inspired Notebooks and Accessories

imageI love everything Kate Spade! If you’re a fan of gold and black or stripes and polka dots,then you’re definitely into Kate Spade too. Her desk accessories attract me the most since I’m a sucker for  anything stationary . Everything on her website is so chic and classic and of course very very expensive. There is no way I can justify buying a simple lined notebook for $15 to $30 let alone anything else ! I picked out a few of the Kate Spade  items from my online wishlist (yes, we all have them and don’t you deny it!) and decided to make them myself. I’ve added the links to the original items with each DIY so remember to check and compare.

I started with the notebooks as they were the easiest and cheapest to diy.You will find the link to the original HERE and HERE. I bought a couple of notebooks for under a dollar each. I spray painted them white as I felt this was the easiest route.I always have card stock at home so I used one sheet of the black by cutting five strips measuring one inch in width. After the white paint has dried thoroughly glue the black stripes by eye balling them evenly apart on the front cover. Repeat on the backside also and you’re done ! I added a thin black elastic hairband as a closure for the notebook.



For the gold dot notebook I spray painted white circle dots with gold paint . Then I spray painted the notebook white. After the paint dried I simply removed the gold dots and put them evenly apart altering them in each line.


Next I made these Gold pens . You will find the link HERE. I bought these cheap paper mate pens ,which resembled the style of the original pens, and simply spray painted them gold. Phew that was difficult !! 🙂



HERE is the link for my next inspiration.I couldn’t find a white ceramic container for my pencil cup so I decided to spray paint my, more than a decade old, drinking glass. I was surprisingly pleased with how good it turned out.

First paint the rim of the glass gold using a marker or gold gilding/paint. I cheated by copying the design from the computer screen and transferring the image on the cup with carbon paper. I then colored in the pencils with my gold gilding/paint and outlined it with a black permanent marker. I later went over it with black acrylic paint.


The ‘odds and end’ trinket dish is self explanatory . Just paint the rim of the plate gold and copy the font on the middle of the dish. That’s it!

imageimageSince I mostly used items from home I was able to make all of them for under $20. The original were $129 combined! The best part is,these were the easiest diy’s I’ve ever done! Although I love them all,the pencil cup is my favorite.

Which one inspired you the most?imageimageimage