Cupcake Bouquet

imageGive your mom a Cupcake Bouquet and make her Mothers Day extra sweet this year. It’s thoughtful and creative, which will definitely give you the edge over other siblings. It’s not easy maintaining the favorite child status!! 🙂 It’s also fun to create and easier than you think.

If you’re looking for other non traditional bouquets then you should check out my Edible Bouquet which I posted last month for my Mom’s birthday.




Vase or any kind of container


Green tissue

Wilton Star tip

Icing bag

6″ foam ball

Start by baking your mom’s favorite recipe for cupcakes. If baking is not your thing don’t worry. Store bought cupcakes from your mom’s favorite bakery will do just as well. I decided to make vanilla cupcakes with soft buttercream icing. I used green liners (wilton) for mine so they would blend easily with the bouquet. But its ok if you use any other color since I realized green liners are not available so easily.

imageWhile your cupcakes are cooling take your foam ball and glue it on your vase or container. This step is crucial  as your whole bouquet can topple over during or after assembly. Trust me, I speak from experience !

imageOnce your cupcakes are cooled you can start arranging them on the foam ball. From the bottom poke two toothpicks and attach a cupcake to it . Keep adding the toothpicks and cupcakes in layers until the foam ball is fully covered with cupcakes.


Don’t worry if you have gaps in between the cupcakes as we will cover them up with the green tissue. Cut the tissue into approximately four inch squares. Overlap two of these squares and pinch them together from the center.


Poke a toothpick on one side and  stick it in between one of the gaps. Keep repeating until you have covered all the gaps between the cupcakes. These will act as the foliage .


Fill your piping bag with icing. I tinted my buttercream icing lilac . I wish I made it a little darker so it photographed better , but I think it still looked beautiful . Hold the icing bag perpendicular to the cupcake and start moving your hand in a circular motion until a rose is formed. The tip does all the work. You just need to apply steady pressure.


Once you are done icing all the cupcakes your bouquet is ready! I used twenty cupcakes for mine. It may vary on how far apart you arrange your cupcakes. If you want to make a smaller bouquet just use a smaller size ball of foam.



You can make your bouquet any color you want. I love the soft lilac color I chose. This one’s for you Mom! Thank you for all the love and sacrifices you continue to make for me!