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This tutorial was inspired by my daughter’s growing watch collection. Most of them are gifts from my Mom, who loves bringing back a new watch (along with a suitcase full of traditional clothes!!)every time she travels back home to Pakistan. Storing the watches in their original cases keeps them safe and scratch free, but it takes up a lot of space. I saw this online when I was looking for a multiple storage box for her watches. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner specially since I had made similar rolls before,which you will find here and here .

This is a really simple sewing project. You just have to sew a couple of straight lines (literally!)and you’re done ! I already had the supplies at home, but even if you have to buy the material, this project will cost you well under $10 dollars. Since this is a gender neutral project, you can make a couple of extras to give as gifts to any loved ones, co-workers or even your boss!

You don’t have to use real or faux leather like I did. Switch it up with your own choice of material. Just make sure its sturdy enough to keep your precious watches safe.

Lets get started.


A piece of faux leather 12″(width) x 14″(height)

A piece of felt 12″x 14″

Rotary cutter or scissors

Binder clips and paper clips

IMG_2458Measure and cut the faux leather and felt into 12″x 14″pieces.

Cut another 1/4″ x 21″of strip for the closing strap from both pieces.

IMG_2459I used adhesive spray to join both pieces together . I did the same for the strap. You can sew all around also but if you’re not washing something I prefer the spray adhesive method.  It works really well and gives a smooth finish.

Make a 4″ fold  and secure with binder clips. We can’t use pins here as it will leave a hole in the faux leather.

IMG_2463Position your watches in a straight line . Mark where you want to sew the pocket for each watch with a paper clip.




Start by sewing three straight lines for the pockets. Then sew one end of the roll, leaving the other end open.

IMG_2468IMG_2476Lift the open end and tuck one end of the closing strap inside. Sew this end close also.

IMG_2472Cut off one corner of the roll . Now take the cut out and place it on the other end. This ensures that you have an identical cut on both sides. Cutting off the ends makes it easier and neater when you roll it close.

IMG_2482 IMG_2483

Slide your watches in and close the flap.                             


I tied a knot at the end of the strap. This will prevent the roll from unraveling when rolled.


From start to finish, this took twenty minutes to make!


You can make a bigger one to accommodate six watches or a smaller one for even two. It’s so practical for storage and traveling. And, with the holiday season just round the corner, you can whip up quite a few as gifts for just about anyone who loves watches. So give it a try!


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