Decorative Dollar Store Tray

2016-01-06-15.05.29.png.pngMy first blog post in 2016 is inspired by one of my New Year resolutions.

Fewer trips to the Craft Store!

If you’re a crafter then you’re definitely a hoarder! So this year I plan to use all my fabric stash before buying anymore. Ok, so who am I kidding? I need to set realistic goals. Even if I use half of my fabric stash, I’ve accomplished something big this year!

I decided to start with a project that anyone can use in their home. It’s multi functional and  you can make it in any color and design to fit your taste. I had a couple of clear plastic trays from the Dollar Tree that I decided to recycle for this project. You can use your old cookie sheets also if you want. For my fabric, I knew exactly which one I wanted to use.

Lets get started!


Supplies you will need

Fabric of your choice (I used quarter yard )

Spray adhesive

Mod Podge

Any kind of Tray





Measure and cut the fabric so that it covers the front of the tray and has a few extra inches to cover the back also. Spray the adhesive on the front and top sides. Quickly but carefully lay the fabric on top of the tray and smooth out the fabric,  starting from the center outwards. Make sure there are no wrinkles or bubbles.

2016-01-06-13.40.18.png.pngTurn the tray over and spray just the sides.

20160105_094242.jpg Pull the rest of the fabric taunt and cover the sides.


Trim off excessive fabric.


Next, apply Mod Podge generously over the front and sides of the fabric. This will seal and harden the fabric.


Once the Mod Podge is dry, cut a piece of felt to cover the back of the tray. This gives the tray a finished look from the back and hides all the ugliness.

20160105_095210.jpgYour tray is now ready to be used. Don’t you just love this bright and cheery fabric !


You can keep it on your vanity or use it as a catch-all for your keys and wallet.

Check out the different ways my daughter and I use ours. Can you guess which one is mine?




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  1. As always you surprise me with all the gd ideas you come up with …….and inspire me to go for it too…..This too I’ll try inshallah .💕

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