Easy Gift Wrapping Ideas


I’m sharing three different ways to use washi tape to decorate plain gift boxes. With just a little effort you can take your gift wrapping to a whole new level.  Don’t worry if they don’t carry washi tape in stores where you live. You can apply the same method and use decorative paper or card stock paper . This diy will give you a chance to use some of the washi tape that you have been hoarding (you know who you are!)

The first is a banner style.


Choose six to seven different washi from your collection. Wrap your gift in plain brown paper. Tie a twine around the gift as shown. You can even use wool if that’s what you have at home.


Cut a small piece of the washi tape and wrap it around the twine and press the ends down. Snip the ends into a triangle. Repeat until the twine resembles a banner. It’s up to you how full you want the banner to look.


For the second style you need to print and cut out numbers (for age). You can also use the initial of the person you are gifting. Keep the size of the gift box in mind when printing the numbers or initial.

Lay the numbers on a flat surface and start layering different washi tape on it. Keep layering with a different pattern each time until all numbers are covered.

Turn it over and cut around the number which will be visible from the back.

img_2425img_2426img_2427Turn it over and admire your art !


Stick it on your gift box with a glue stick.


The last method is the easiest . Just cut triangles from different washi and stick them randomly to cover the whole gift box.I felt this one looked a little incomplete so I added a tag by using the same method as the washi tape number . Tie a twine around the box and add the tag .


If you don’t have brown paper you can use the backside of a wrapping paper which is usually plain white. It will look just as good.

Now wasn’t this simple to do ? Try one of these methods next time you have a party to go to. Your extra effort will be greatly appreciated!


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