No Sew Cord Organizer


Cords taking over your life? This simple no sew method will keep all your cords and chargers organized in six slits and under 15 minutes. Ok, so that sounded a bit morbid, but read on and it’ll make sense!

You will need:

6 x 12 inch piece of leather or vinyl

12 x 1/4 inch strip for the strap

sharp scissors or Xacto knife


After cutting out your pieces, place your folded cords on the back of your leather. My measurements will fit two cords. You can adjust the measurements accordingly, in case you want to fit more in your organizer.


Mark the width of the cord .  Make two parallel lines about two inches apart. Cut.  Leave a two inch space and repeat this step with the other cord.


Now mark and cut two 1/4 inch slits at the other end . Take your strap and slide it through the slits. You can even use a kids shoelace or any other kind of cord here.


Next slide your cords through the slits and roll up your organizer.



The extra leather at the end will cover the slits with the wire showing through.


Aaand just like that you have your life under control. Ok! so it’s just your cords, but hey, I’ll take what I can. 🙂

This makes a great gift for the men in your life too. It’s so easy that you can even mass produce these and give to everyone on your holiday list.