Party in a box


A friend of mine is celebrating her daughters 13th birthday next month. Since she lives out of state I decided to celebrate her birthday, in a box!! Ok, not literally! I put together some handmade party decor, which her daughter could use to celebrate with her close friends.

I already have a blog post for most of the items I made in this box. I will put links at the end of the post so you can check out the tutorials for each item.

I used a medium flat rate box from the post office. I decorated the inside with pink card stock paper (her favorite color, surprise surprise!)

I used sticker alphabets in gold to write ‘Happy Birthday!’

I made a number 13 and a garland with washi tape.

Below is a photo of the the decorated box.


I first added a felt garland in pink and white. img_2748

Next I made pinwheel cupcake toppers from patterned paper . You can use wrapping paper also.


I then added matching plates, napkins and straws which I bought from Dollar Tree.


I also made some decorative paperclips/bookmarks which her daughter could give as party favors to her friends. They are super easy to make and very useful.

Gather some ribbons and paperclips .

  1. Cut two 6 inch pieces of ribbon, one slightly smaller than the other. Place them on top of each other.
  2. Now place them on top of the paper clip
  3. Now bring both ends of the ribbons under and over the loop on the top of the paperclip
  4. Pull both ends upwards. This creates a knot. you can put a dab of glue behind the knot to make it more secure.
  5. Trim the end to desired length

I made a few using a single thicker ribbon. You can add as many ribbons as you like.


Package each item in clear cellophane or ziplock bags. Place all items inside the box  and it’s ready to ship. Now who wouldn’t  love to receive a package like this !! With the inside of the box decorated this way, it actually does look like a Party in a Box!

You don’t have to limit it for just birthdays. Send a care package to a loved one or your child away in college. Be a part of  anyones celebration, no matter where you are.


Felt Tassels

Pinwheel cupcake toppers

Number 13

Washi tape garland